About the Authors

Lynne deBenedette

Lynne deBenedette is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Slavic Studies at Brown University, where she has been teaching Russian since 1995. Her research interests involve issues in second language acquisition which affect teaching practice. This includes curriculum design / program articulation, effective use of technology, Processing Instruction and foreign language teacher education and the professional development of language instructors.

William J. Comer

William Comer is an Associate Professor of Russian and the Director of the Russian Flagship program at Portland State University. From 1992-2014 he worked at the University of Kansas, where he coordinated the Russian language program, developed the Russian language curriculum, and trained and supervised graduate teaching assistants. His current research focuses on the learning and teaching of Russian, especially the area of reading comprehension.

Alla Smyslova

Alla Smyslova is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Russian Language Program at Columbia University, where she has been teaching Russian since 2002. Her research and teaching are focused on issues of foreign and heritage language acquisition by adult learners, on skill development and effects of instructional intervention.

Jonathan Perkins

Jonathan Perkins is the Director of the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center, Director of the Open Language Resource Center, and Executive Director of the Language Training Center at the University of Kansas. He has taught Russian at all levels, in addition to teaching courses in Russian culture, Slavic folklore and instructional technology. His research interests include Russian language pedagogy and Computer Assisted Language Learning.