Goals for Уро́к 6

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

To achieve these outcomes, you will learn this information about the language:

  1. verbal aspect in Russian (imperfective and perfective verbs)
  2. using imperfective (НСВ) verbs in past, present and future for:
    1. repeated or regular actions
    2. simultaneous actions
    3. actions with time of duration
  3. using perfective (СВ) verbs in past or future for:
    1. one-time actions emphasizing completion
    2. expected result actions
    3. sequential actions
  4. conjugated forms of imperfective verbs (present tense) vs perfective verbs (future tense)
  5. the dative case of nouns, pronouns and adjectives
  6. date-month expressions (како́е число́ and како́го числа́)
  7. using dative for giving age (ско́лько лет?), liking (нра́виться) and need (на́до)
  8. using dative with indirect objects