Goals for Уро́к 8

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

To achieve these outcomes, you will learn this information about the language:

  1. genitive plural forms of nouns and adjectives
  2. use of the genitive singular and plural with counting and quantity expressions
  3. some comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs
  4. verbs connected with biography (being born, growing up, studying at, getting married, dying, etc.)
  5. marriage verbs and expressions (жени́ться, выходи́ть-вы́йти за́муж, жена́т, за́мужем, etc.)
  6. accusative case forms of plural animate nouns
  7. ordinal numbers for telling centuries and years
  8. time expressions with через and назад
  9. verbs of position (лежа́ть, стоя́ть, висе́ть, сиде́ть)
  10. instrumental prepositions showing position: пе́ред, за, ме́жду, над, под, ря́дом с
  11. prepositional case forms of personal pronouns