Goals for Уро́к 7

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

To achieve these outcomes, you will learn this information about the language:

  1. the names of Russian dishes, ingredients, place settings
  2. the conjugation of the verbs есть (to eat) and пить (drink) in their imperfective and perfective forms
  3. commands and other phrases for extending invitations to go somewhere, making compliments, offering toasts
  4. instrumental case forms of nouns, adjectives and pronouns to express these ideas:
    1. accompaniment (с чем with what / с кем with whom)
    2. "instrument" – what you use to do something (eating with a fork)
    3. what you are occupied by or "into" (заниматься and увлекаться)
    4. compound subjects (Robert and I = we with Robert)
  5. impersonal constructions for talking about weather (здесь жа́рко)
  6. impersonal constructions with dative to talk about feelings  (мне хо́лодно)
  7. using идти to talk about precipitation (идёт дождь / идёт снег)
  8. directional prefixes при- / у- with verbs of motion to describe parts of a journey
  9. the verb "fly"