Чита́ем по-ру́сски 1.1 Ама́нда Ли

The activities below are designed to help you learn the Russian alphabet using the free study tool Quizlet. All of the activities start with the Scatter function, where you have to match words with a corresponding picture. If you click on the "Choose a Study Mode" pull-down menu in the lower-right corner of the activity, you will find a few other options including a flash-card tool with audio. All of these activities work well on mobile devices.

Once you have tried the Scatter function, click on the pull-down menu "Choose a Study Mode" to work on listening and spelling. If you need to see and hear each word once, choose "Learn" or "Flashcards." For writing practice choose "Speller."

  1. Click on the titles in the drop down menu to show additional content.

  2. When you have finished with this page, you will have completed the first episode of our story. Молоде́ц!