Вы всё по́няли? 1.4 Здра́вствуйте!

Э́то Джо́шуа и́ли Джош. Он студе́нт.
А э́то Ке́йтлин, и́ли Ке́йти. Она́́ студе́нтка.
Tony & Denis
Э́то То́ни и Дени́с.
Они́́ студе́нты.

By now you have seen several pronouns that refer to people: in part one you saw the words я, ты, мы and вы as well as он and она́. Now you have seen one more: они́. Later in the section you will have an opportunity to learn one more pronoun and review all the pronouns you have encountered. For now you will work on these pronouns in the context of referring to people.

Listen again to the sentences above, noticing the pronunciation of the letter in each pronoun. What sound does make in the forms она́ and они́?

Упражне́ние 1. Кто э́то?

Read each sentence and then mouse over the picture of the character to which the sentence refers.

1. Она́ америка́нка. Э́то ___________.
а. Natalya Mikhailovna
б. Caitlin
2. Он америка́нец. Э́то ___________.
а. Denis
в. Josh
3. Он ру́сский. Э́то ___________.
a. Denis
в. Natalya Mikhailovna

Упражне́ние 2. Кто э́то?

Read each sentence and then mouse over the picture of the character to which the sentence refers.

1. Он америка́нец. Э́то ___________.
а. Tony
б. Denis
2. Она́ ру́сская. Э́то ___________.
а. Caitlin
б.Natalya Mikhailovna
в. Denis
3. Она́ студе́нтка. Э́то ___________.
a. Amanda
в. Natalya Mikhailovna

Упражне́ние 3. Кто э́то?

Read each sentence and then mouse over the picture of the characters to which the sentence refers.

1. Они́ ру́сские. Э́то ___________.
а. Tony and Denis
б. Denis and Natalya Mikhailovna
в.Amanda and Caitlin
2. Они́ америка́нцы. Э́то ___________.
а. Denis and Natalya Mikhailovna
б.Tony and Denis
в.Josh and Tony
3. Они́ студе́нты. Э́то ___________.
a. Amanda and Caitlin
б.Tony and Denis
в. Denis and Natalya Mikhailovna

Упражне́ние 4. Как э́то бы́ло?

Choose the logical completion of each sentence.

1. Caitlin is upset because… ...Natalya Mikhailovna was late.
...she has lost her suitcase.
...she is very tired.
2. Joshua is… ...a graduate student.
...a little tired.
...looking for his suitcase.
3. Natalya Mikhailovna is… ...glad to see Denis.
...upset to see Denis.
...not acquainted with Denis.
4. Natalya Mikhailovna uses the word администра́тор… ...to ask where to file a lost luggage report.
...to tell the students what her profession is.
...to ask the students where their director is.

Упражне́ние 5.

Look back at the text to recall how the phrases below are used. Once you have done so, see if you can determine the phrase(s) below that would be appropriate in the following situations. Say the phrase aloud, then check yourself by mousing over the word Отве́т.

До́брый ве́чер
О́чень прия́тно
Дава́йте познако́мимся
До́брое у́тро
До свида́ния

What would you say in order to…

1. Greet someone in the morning Отве́т
2. Greet your teacher or an older colleague Отве́т
3. Greet another student Отве́т
4. Say goodbye Отве́т
5. Convey that you would like to get acquainted Отве́т
6. Greet someone in the evening Отве́т
7. Greet a child Отве́т
8. Respond to someone who just introduced himself/herself to you Отве́т
9. Greet a family member, like a sibling or a parent Отве́т
10. Greet several of your classmates in the afternoon Отве́т
11. Greet your older neighbor Отве́т
12. Greet your host mother in the morning Отве́т
13. Greet your host parents when you get home in the evening Отве́т