Вы всё по́няли? 4.4 Петрогра́дская сторона́

Упражне́ние 1. Как в те́ксте?

Choose the most logical statement to complete the sentences.

1. Zhenya…

  1. knows the area because his university is there.
  2. knows the area because he used to live nearby.
  3. knows the area because his family lives there.

2. Amanda...

  1. knows the name of the local soccer team.
  2. had no idea that there is a local soccer team.
  3. knows only that the city has a soccer team.

3. Иде́Я is the name of…

  1. the store Amanda wants to get to.
  2. the local supermarket they see.
  3. the name of the city soccer team.

4. The farmer's market is...

  1. right by the church.
  2. not too far away.
  3. on Bolshoi prospekt.

5. Amanda asks about the pool because…

  1. The pool near her dorm is extremely expensive.
  2. There is no fitness center near where she lives.
  3. The fitness center near her dorm has no pool.

6. The nearest swimming pool to where Zhenya and Amanda are...

  1. is in a fairly expensive fitness center.
  2. is both expensive and very far away.
  3. is in the center on Nevsky Prospekt.

7. Zhenya lives…

  1. not far from the pool on Chkalovskii Prospekt.
  2. three bus stops away on Markin Prospekt.
  3. not far from the market on Markin Street.

Упражне́ние 2

Listen to the Russian words, and decide if they were pointed out or mentioned as part of Zhenya's neighborhood excursion.

1. Да. Нет.
2. Да. Нет.
3. Да. Нет.
4. Да. Нет.
5. Да. Нет.
6. Да. Нет.
7. Да. Нет.
8. Да. Нет.
9. Да. Нет.
10. Да. Нет.
11. Да. Нет.
12. Да. Нет.
13. Да. Нет.
14. Да. Нет.

Упражне́ние 3

Read each situation, and choose the noun for the place you will go.

You want to go swimming. а. суперма́ркет б. ры́нок в. бассе́йн
You want to buy vegetables. а. остано́вка б. це́рковь в. ры́нок
You have tickets to a soccer game. а. це́рковь б. стадио́н ста́нция
You want to see the inside of a Russian Orthodox church. а. ры́нок б. це́рковь у́лица
You need to take a city bus. а. ста́нция б. остано́вка ры́нок
You want the subway. а. остано́вка авто́буса б. ста́нция метро́ нача́ло проспе́кта