Вы всё по́няли? 5.6 Дени́с е́дет в Яросла́вль

Упражне́ние 1. Как в те́ксте?

1. Denis…
            а. is currently at his grandmother's.
            б. will be there the following day.
            в. will miss out on seeing Tony.
            г. had plans to visit, but can't go.

2. Denis will be at his destination…
            а. on Thursday night.
            б. on Friday morning.
            в. on Friday evening.
            г. on Saturday morning.

3. Denis…
            а. can leave early because he's free all day.
            б. is busy in the morning but free all afternoon.
            в. has the morning off but is busy in the afternoon.
            г. is busy both in the morning and the afternoon.

4. Denis will be...
            а. taking the bus, because it's cheap.
            б. taking the train, because it's fast.
            в. taking the bus to see Amanda.
            г. taking the train along with Amanda.

5. Tony…
            а. is meeting Denis at the station.
            б. has tickets to go to Moscow.
            в. is leaving town for two days.
            г. goes to the theater tomorrow.

6. Amanda…
            а. is planning to go to Yaroslavl'.
            б. is planning to go to Moscow.
            в. is currently in Moscow with Denis.
            г. is currently in Yaroslavl' with Tony.

7. Amanda…
            а. decides not to go to because it will be too expensive.
            б. decides not to go, as she doesn't want to go by bus.
            в. decides not to go because Denis will not be there.
            г. decides not to go because she has an exhibit to go to.

8. Denis...
            а. will call his grandmother when he gets to Yaroslavl'.
            б. will meet Tony at the theater when he gets to Yaroslavl'.
            в. has a ticket for the theater, but will see Tony later on.
            г. will get to Yaroslavl' just in time for when the soup is ready.

Упражне́ние 2. Что они́ де́лают?

Below are some time expressions. What are our characters doing at these times? For each sentence choose the time expression in the phrase bank when that event occurs. Mouse over the Отве́т column to check your answer.

В четве́рг у́тром
В четве́рг ве́чером
В пя́тницу днём
В суббо́ту и воскресе́нье
В пя́тницу у́тром
В пя́тницу у́тром и́ли днём
В пя́тницу ве́чером
В воскресенье
1. _____ Дени́с е́дет в Яросла́вль. Отве́т
2. _____ Дени́с бу́дет в Яросла́вле. Отве́т
3. _____ Ама́нда и Дени́с говоря́т по телефо́ну. Отве́т
4. _____ В Москве́ открыва́ется вы́ставка ру́сского аванга́рда. Отве́т
5. _____ То́ни идёт в теа́тр. Отве́т
6. _____ Зо́я Степа́новна и Дени́с говоря́т по телефо́ну. Отве́т
7. _____ У Дени́са ле́кция. Отве́т
8. _____ Зо́я Степа́новна говори́т То́ни, что за́втра он уви́дит Дени́са. Отве́т

Упражне́ние 3а. То́ни за́нят и́ли свобо́ден?

Listen to each sentence, then decide if Tony is за́нят (busy) or свобо́ден (free). "Busy" activities include anything to do with studies, meals or tickets to events; free time is anything involving rest, relaxation, reading the paper, or just taking a stroll.

1. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.
2. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.
3. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.
4. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.
5. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.
6. То́ни за́нят. То́ни свобо́ден.

Упражне́ние 3б. А Ама́нда?

Now decide the same based on what you hear about Amanda.

1. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свобо́дна.
2. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свобо́дна.
3. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свобо́дна.
4. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свобо́дна.
5. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свободна́.
6. Ама́нда занята́. Ама́нда свобо́дна.