Вы всё по́няли? 6.2 По́сле семина́ра

Упражне́ние 1. Как в те́ксте?

Choose the most appropriate response(s) for each question, then mouse over to check your answers. For some questions more than one answer may be correct.

1. After her seminar Amanda went…
            а. to a café on her own.
           б. to a cafe with Zhenya.
            в. to Zhenya's apartment.
            г. to Zhenya's dorm room.

2. When Amanda arrived…
            а. Zhenya was not yet back home.
            б. Zhenya was still writing emails.
            в. Zhenya's parents were there.
            г. Zhenya had already gone out.

3. Amanda...
            а. waited in Zhenya's room.
            б. waited on the couch.
            в. went to the cafe alone.
            г. went back to her dorm.

4. Zhenya's parents...
            а. are frightened by what they find.
            б. are very angry at what they find.
            в. are a bit annoyed at what they find.
            г. are a bit amused at what they find.

5. The decision is made to...
            а. wake Amanda up.
            б. give Amanda supper.
            в. kick Amanda out.
            г. let Amanda sleep.

6. Katya...
            а. has no idea what Amanda was doing.
            б. suspects that Amanda was with Oleg.
            в. thinks it's obvious where Amanda was.
            г. was asleep and did not hear Amanda.

Упражне́ние 2. Как отвеча́ли в те́ксте?

Listen to the phrases and decide which of the three responses given are the most logical continuation of what you hear. If you have trouble with this activity, you may need to review the text После семинара.

1. Как спит? Как интере́сно… Сади́сь, я почти́ гото́в.
2. Сейча́с. Заходи́. Как спит?
3. Пусть спит.
Познако́мимся пото́м.
Я тебя́ с ни́ми
Ты не зна́ешь, где
вчера́ была́ Ама́нда?
4. Я тебя́ с ни́ми познако́млю. Э́то кто у нас
спит на дива́не?
По́мните, я вам
расска́зывала о ней?