Вы всё по́няли? 6.5 Хочу́ сде́лать пода́рок

Упражне́ние 1. Gifts and "giving"

In this unit you encounter two expressions for giving gifts:

дари́ть-подари́ть ("to give a gift") and де́лать-сде́лать пода́рок (literally, "to make someone a present of something"). Neither of these verbs is the actual verb "give," which you will learn in Unit 7.

Listen to each sentence and decide who is the intended recipient. Mouse over to check your answer in English.

1. Отве́т
2. Отве́т
3. Отве́т
4. Отве́т
5. Отве́т
6. Отве́т

Упражне́ние 2. В магази́не

Look again at the conversation Katya has in the bookstore, and answer the questions.

1. To get the shopkeeper's attention, Katya…
а. says "hi" before saying what she wants.
б. just says what she wants with no greeting.
в. says "hello" and asks for help politely.
2. In her conversation Katya…
а. speaks "на вы" to both Amanda and the shopkeeper.
б. uses "вы" to the shopkeeper but "ты" with Amanda.
в. uses "вы" to Amanda but "ты" with the shopkeeper.
3. Amanda asks for advice…
а. by asking Katya if she will advise her.
б. by requesting that Katya advise her.
в. by saying that she is getting a present.
4. Amanda...
а. wants to make a gift herself.
б. wants to buy a gift for Zhenya.
в. wants to buy Katya something.
5. Amanda...
а. has absolutely no idea what sort of gift Zhenya will like.
б. wants to get a book but has no idea what book he'll like.
в. wants to get Zhenya an art book but isn't sure he likes art.

Упражне́ние 3

Listen to the question, then decide which person's age is being asked about:

1. Ри́мма Ю́рьевна Мара́т Аза́тович
2. Ке́йтлин Абду́ловы
3. Же́ня Ка́тя
4. Зо́я Степа́новна Оле́г и Ка́тя
5. Оле́г Ле́на
6. Ама́нда Мара́т Аза́тович