Вы всё по́няли? 7.2 Поздравля́ю с Но́вым го́дом!

Упражне́ние 1

Which of the following occur in this episode? More than one answer may be correct.

1. The Moscow Gurins who come to Yaroslavl' for New Year's…
а. have never met Tony.
б. met Tony in Moscow.
в. have brought cake.
г. have decorated the tree.
2. Tony…
а. doesn't know what's on the menu.
б. has helped to make the dinner.
в. prepared a Texas recipe as a treat.
г. is highly allergic to mushrooms.
3. Elena Nikolaevna is...
а. Denis's sister
б. Zoya Stepanovna's daughter
в. Denis's mother
г. Yuri's sister and Igor's wife
4. Liza is best described as...
а. a talkative girl.
б. a college student.
в. a bratty teenager.
г. a seven-year old.
5. The word ковбо́й comes up because...
а. Tony happens to be dressed as a cowboy.
б. Liza thinks all Americans are cowboys.
в. Tony has told Liza he is from Texas.
г. Liza has told Tony he looks like a cowboy.
6. At the dinner Tony finds out things about Russian New Year's, including:
а. it is regarded by many as primarily a family holiday.
б. people never say Happy New Year to one another.
в. you would customarily offer a toast to the hostess last.
г. on TV they show the Spassky Tower chimes at 12.

Упражне́ние 2. Э́то ве́рно и́ли неве́рно?

1. То́ни предложи́л тост хозя́йке. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
2. Джош сам пригото́вил все пирожки́. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
3. Же́ня пригласи́л Ама́нду к себе́ домо́й. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
4. Джош встреча́л Но́вый год со Светла́ной Бори́совной. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
5. Ли́зе семьна́дцать лет. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
6. Ю́рий Никола́евич опозда́л на обе́д. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.

Упражне́ние 3. Кто написа́л эсэмэ́ску?

You will hear some text messages read aloud. Each was sent from the phone of one of our characters. Listen to the content of each message and decide who must have written it. All the texts are read by one person, so the voice will not be a "clue" as to the identify of the speaker.

1. а. Дени́с б. То́ни в. И́горь Влади́мирович
2. а. Еле́на Никола́евна б. Ама́нда в. мать Же́ни
3. а. Ама́нда б. Джош в. Ли́за
4. а. Джош б. То́ни в. Дени́с
5. а. Ю́рий Никола́евич б. Дени́с в. Же́ня
6. а. Же́ня б. Джош в. То́ни
7. а. мать Же́ни б. Зо́я Степа́новна в. Светла́на Бори́совна