Вы всё по́няли? 7.8 Лу́чше по́здно, чем никогда́

Упражне́ние 1

Complete each sentence with the appropriate phrase.

1. The text is an email...
а. from Caitlin to her U.S. Russian teacher.
б. from Mila to Caitlin, who is back in Ohio.
в. to Caitlin and Mila from another student.
г. from Caitlin to her teacher Mila in Kazan'.
2. Caitlin is writing...
а. from Moscow.
б. from Ohio.
в. from Hawaii.
г. from Chicago.
3. On the way to the airport, Caitlin was worried, because...
а. Russian pilots are afraid of the snow.
б. it had started snowing in the morning.
в. a blizzard started in the early morning.
г. Caitlin was afraid to fly in cold weather.
4. While Caitlin was waiting at the airport, ...
а. a blizzard started.
б. she met her teacher.
в. she saw a concert.
г. the snow stopped.
5. Caitlin's airport adventure is best summed up as follows:
а. her flight was cancelled, so she slept in the airport near some musicians.
б. her flight was cancelled, but some musicians helped her fly to Hawaii.
в. her flight was cancelled, but the neighbors helped her and took her home.
г. her flight was cancelled, so she went back to Kazan' to spend New Year's.
6. Cailtin arrived home ...
а. on the 27th of December.
б. on the 28th of December.
в. on the 31st of December.
г. on the 10th of January.
7. After January 1st, Caitlin ...
а. went to Hawaii, then right to Russia.
б. went to Hawaii, then back to Ohio.
в. went to Chicago, then on to Hawaii.
г. went to Europe, then back to Russia.
8. On the 20th of January ...
а. Caitlin will head back to Russia.
б. Caitlin finally got back to Ohio.
в. Caitlin will leave Moscow for Kazan'.
г. Caitlin finally left Ohio for Hawaii.
9. The amount of time that Caitlin is out of Russia between semesters will total ...
а. two weeks: a little over a week in Ohio and a week in Hawaii.
б. five weeks: a little over a week in Ohio and a month in Hawaii.
в. three weeks: a little over two weeks in Ohio and a week in Hawaii.
г. eight weeks: a month in the Midwest and a month in Hawaii.