Вы всё по́няли? 9.1 Что у тебя́ боли́т?

Упражне́ние 1. Ча́сти те́ла

Listen to each sentence and choose the illustration that describes it.

1. а. arm б. head в. back
2. а. leg б. throat в. hand
3. а. feet б. eyes в. ear
4. а.back б. head в. ear
5. а. stomach б. eyes в. leg
6. а. ear б. neck в. teeth
7. а. neck б. back в. mouth
8. а. stomach б. fingers в. nose
9. а. eyes б. teeth в. leg
10. а. mouth б. ear в. head

Упражне́ние 2

Select all that are true. More than one answer may be true.

1. Amanda...
а. does not know what her temperature is.
б. has taken some cold medicine she has.
в. asks Katya and Monique to call a doctor.
г. got sick after she went to Moscow.
2. Amanda finds it unexpected that...
а. Russians drink tea with lemon when ill.
б. thermometers are placed in the mouth.
в. thermometers are placed under the arm.
г. Russians measure temperatures in metric.
3. Katya...
а. does not have a thermometer.
б. thinks Amanda might have flu.
в. calls a doctor to come over.
г. gives Amanda some medicine.
4. Monique...
а. says that French take temperatures as in Russia.
б. knows exactly what medicine to give Amanda.
в. is surprised to see Amanda still in bed so late.
г. suggests that they should call Amanda a doctor.
5. Amanda says she can't be sick because...
а. she is supposed to meet up with Zhenya the next day.
б. she is supposed to be meeting Tony when he comes.
в. she is supposed to be taking a big test the next day.
г. she is supposed to be going back to Moscow soon.

Упражне́ние 3

Choose the appropriate start for each sentence from the word bank. If you have trouble, go back and check the text again, noting which expressions occur with nominative subjects, which use dative, and which use У + genitive.  Mouse over to check your answers.

1. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...заболе́ла.
2. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...пло́хо.
3. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...не на́до бы́ло ходи́ть под дождём.
4. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...чу́вствует себя́ пло́хо.
5. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...на́до мно́го спать.
6. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...нет гра́дусника.
7. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...ну́жно пить чай с лимо́ном.
8. Ама́нде... У Ама́нды... Ама́нда... ...температу́ра.

Упражне́ние 4. Но́вые слова́

In the Quizlet activities below you will need to match words to the corresponding pictures.