Вы всё по́няли? 9.3 Как То́ни заблуди́лся

Упражне́ние 1

Choose all correct answers that apply.

1. Tony and Oleg...
а. are headed back to Petersburg.
б. are going off to different places.
в. have both been to visit a palace.
г. have tickets for the theater at 7.
2. Oleg...
а. is going to visit one of his relatives.
б. is meeting a friend at a restaurant.
в. knows how to get to the theater.
г. will be back in Petersburg tonight.
3. The Catherine Palace...
а. is located right in the heart of downtown Petersburg.
б. is located in Petersburg, but not in the city's center.
в. is located in the town known as the Tsar's Village.
г. is located outside Petersburg, not far from the city.
4. To get to the theater, Tony must....
а. take a city bus and then the commuter rail.
б. walk to the metro, then get on a minibus.
в. take a minibus, then the metro, then walk.
г. walk, then take the metro, then a minibus.
5. Tony gets lost...
а. trying to locate the Griboyedov Canal.
б. looking for the metro stop Haymarket.
в. walking from the canal to the theater.
г. trying to transfer from minibus to metro.
6. The lady whom Tony asks for help...
а. tells him where the canal is located.
б. suggests Tony take a different route.
в. says walking is just as fast as riding.
г. recommends Tony take another bus.
7. To get to the theater, Tony will need to...
а. walk along several different streets.
б. go straight, and he will see the theater.
в. cross over one bridge on his way there.
г. walk on Griboyedov Canal five minutes.
8. The directions Tony gets require that he...
а. go straight.
б. turn right.
в. turn left.
г. go down.

Упражне́ние 2. Иди́те...

Listen to the directions, and choose the arrow that describes what you should do.

1. left right straight
2. left right straight
3. left right straight
4. left right straight
5. left right straight
6. left right straight

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