Workbooks for Между нами

Most of your class time will be spent working through the activities in the Рабо́та в аудито́рии workbook, which will give you the opportunity to interact with other students. For example, you may be asked to survey your classmates in Russian and record their answers. You might also be asked to complete the first part of an activity on your own and then to compare your answers with a partner or a small group. Throughout these activities you will be expected to use Russian to the greatest extent possible.

Your work in the classroom will be followed up with homework activities provided in the Дома́шние зада́ния workbook. The assignments for each episode practice the new information in the story, as well as vocabulary, and grammar. Some of the exercises ask you to speak about characters from the story, but in others you apply the new material that you have learned to tell about yourself, your background, and interests.

Both of the workbooks for Ме́жду на́ми are released under a Creative Commons license, which means that they are absolutely free to use. While you can download the workbooks in pdf format, your school may have decided to order the workbooks for purchase in your bookstore to save you the trouble of printing them out.