Вы всё по́няли? 2.8 Ама́нда пи́шет име́йл

Упражне́ние 1

Answer the questions below based on what you learned from Amanda's email.

1. The dorm, according to Amanda, is... а. small.
б. ugly.
в. good.
2. The dorm is close to... а. her university, but far from the city's main street.
б. both her university and the city's main street.
в. a center of town, but far from her university.
3. Amanda is pleased with her room
because it is…
а. on the small side, but comfortable.
б. large and comfortable.
в. large, although a bit uncomfortable
4. Katya Nikol'skaya is… а. Amanda’s roommate.
б. one of her neighbors.
в. from France.
5. Amanda’s roommate… а. is French.
б. is named Lena.
в. is an undergraduate.
6. The next-door neighbors are… а. beautiful.
б. pleasant.
в. bad.