Вы всё по́няли? 6.8 Что нам на́до купи́ть?

Упражне́ние 1. Как в те́ксте?

1. Apparently...
а. Zoya Stepanova wants Tony to help her.
б. Tony wants Zoya Stepanovna to help him.
в. Tony can't help Zoya Stepanovna.
г. Zoya Stepanovna is helping Tony shop.
2. The dish on the shopping list requires, among other ingredients…
а. potatoes, peas, carrots and chicken.
б. peas, potatoes, onion and beets.
в. apples, potatoes, peas and fish.
г. potatoes, peas, carrots and onion.
3. Given the ingredient list for the dish called "винегре́т," it most likely is…
а. an extremely rich dessert
б. a cooked vegetable salad
в. a type of salad dressing
г. a main course meat dish

4. The following items also appear on the list (choose all that apply)

а. apples
б. eggs
в. cola
г. mandarins
д. water
е. ice cream
ж. butter

Упражне́ние 2. Но́вые слова́

In the Quizlet activities below you will need to match words to the corresponding pictures.