Фа́кты, собы́тия, лю́ди 6.8 Что нам на́до купи́ть?

Food Prices in Russia

In the video below, Russian videoblogger Серге́й Баклыко́в gives us a tour of a Moscow store in the Ди́кси grocery chain. Although he converts all of the prices to US Dollars, he does so at late 2013 exchange rates. Since that time the dollar has more than doubled in value relative to the ruble. Food prices have also gone up rapidly as a result of an economic crisis fueled by falling oil prices and conflict with the United States and Western Europe. Strangely enough the exchange rate and food prices have risen more or less proportionally since 2013, making the prices relatively accurate for early 2016. For more current food prices in Moscow see this cost of living index.