Вы всё по́няли? 7.4 На у́лице о́чень хо́лодно

Упражне́ние 1

Which of the following are true? Only one answer is correct for each question.

1. Josh…
а. has invited his friend to go skating.
б. has invited Svetlana Borisovna skating.
в. has been asked skating by Svetlana Borisovna.
г. has been asked skating by his friend.
2. They will meet…
а. at the train station called "Trud".
б. at the rink in the stadium "Trud".
в. at the train station called "Lenin".
г. at the ice rink in "Lenin Stadium".
3. They will meet...
а. by the main entrance.
б. near the side exit.
в. on the street not far away.
г. at the main bus station.
4. Someone reading this text might conclude...
а. that place names were changed after 1991.
б. that the stadium was named for Lenin.
в. that some places still have Soviet era names.
г. that the stadium name refers to Labor Day.
5. Josh is going skating...
а. with Anton's friend –  Nina.
б. with Anton's friend AND Nina.
в. with Anton, but not with Nina.
г. with Anton and Nina.
6. Svetlana Borisovna is shocked because...
а. Josh is not wearing a coat, and it's cold.
б. Josh has bought himself a Russian fur hat.
в. Josh thinks a baseball cap is all he needs.
г. Josh has bought a baseball cap as a joke.
7. The weather today is best described as...
а. very sunny and pleasantly warm, in the 50's Celsius.
б. not sunny and snowing outside, in the 20's Fahrenheit.
в. very sunny, not snowing, minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
г. very sunny, not snowing, minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit.
8. Josh winds up...
а. wearing a man's hat Svetlana Borisovna lends him.
б. wearing one of Svetlana Borisovna's unisex hats.
в. going out and buying himself a Russian fur hat.
г. going hatless since a baseball cap is not a hat.

Упражне́ние 2

Э́то ве́рно и́ли неве́рно?

1. Джош ду́мает, что бейсбо́лка — норма́льная ша́пка. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
2. Све́тит со́лнце, но пого́да о́чень холо́дная. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
3. На у́лице све́тит со́лнце и идёт небольшо́й снег. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
4. Температу́ра — почти́ ми́нус 20 гра́дусов по Це́льсию. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
5. Температу́ра — ми́нус четы́ре гра́дуса по Фаренге́йту. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
6. Джош не сра́зу по́нял, как сего́дня хо́лодно. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
7. В США Джош хо́дит в бейсбо́лке, да́же зимо́й. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.
8. Джо́шу непоня́тно, отку́да у его́ хозя́йки мужска́я ша́пка. Э́то ве́рно. Э́то неве́рно.

Упражне́ние 3. Кака́я сего́дня пого́да?

Listen to the descriptions of the weather, and decide which visual describes it. Remember that for temperatures Russians use "плюс" / "ми́нус" and also the word "моро́за" (of frost) for "minus".  Assume Celsius for all temperatures. Mouse over to check your answer.

1. sunny rain snow
2. cold warm hot
3. sunny rain snow
4. cold warm hot
5. sunny rain snow
6. cold warm hot

Упражне́ние 4. Приглаше́ния

Many of the following phrases are used in invitations and arranging meetings. Listen to each the phrase, then choose the context that fits best.

1. accept an invitation issue an invitation ask where you
should meet
2. thank for a present thank for giving help accept an invitation
3. ask when you
will meet
ask where you
will meet
accept an invitation
4. ask when you
should meet
issue an invitation ask where you
will meet
5. ask about
a meeting place
suggest a
meeting time
ask about
a meeting time
6. ask about
a meeting time
suggest a
meeting place
ask about
a meeting place
7. say you're headed out,
back in the evening
ask why someone is
so late getting back
say that you will be
going out in the evening